The Secret Tournament – The 2002 Nike Advert

Hi everyone!

Well, as our First Assignment required, I was asked to pick a very interesting marketing campaign, I had automatically remembered this one I’m going to share with you….

In fact, we watched a video of  Nike (during one of the first classes) about its expansion into new international market through the world’s greatest passion: FOOTBALL! (or as it is described outside US, soccer)

As a Brazilian  and big fan of this sport would be hard not to pick something  related to it, specially because the association between products and football is strongly explored in Brazil, which is completely reasonable regarding how essential it seems to be to the fans. To understand the importance of the sport in there, the comparison to what the All Blacks represent to New Zealand is completely suitable…

Apart from what was said, in my opinion was also very well-produced campaign with global dimensions, which makes harder for a campaign to become famous, regarding all the effort that is needed to equally reach all those markets…. and registers the exact moment Nike was trying to expand its market on the eve of a huge event as the World Cup (in this case, 2002)

The result was sensational: a mysterious beginning, great players competing against each other, many commercials, events with the  participation of the public and the perfect warm-up for the upcoming event – the world cup….

The fans had never been pleased this way and Nike knew it would be a step forward to its global strategy.

So have a seat, grab a cup of coffee and relax….I will be trying to tell you how this story was

Picture: The very intriguing initial logo of the campaign – The Scorpion KO


2 thoughts on “The Secret Tournament – The 2002 Nike Advert

  1. thedomm says:

    Cool Diego. What about blogging your whole assignment?

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