HOME AUTOMATION – taking shape…..

Potential logo of the “new” company

In this section a more developed idea of the fictional company was scrutinized in order to bring a more realistic approach of what the business would be like…. I hope you enjoy the content as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Homation also available in PDF

1. Introduction

The previous work – Target Market Analysis – gave the main impressions about the market and how the automation applied to houses is perceived by customers.  So, through these results, this Creative Brief will be based on the fulfillment of these identified gaps the concept has.

The first, and maybe the most important, key noticed was about the low attention given to this market segment.  It means the concept is lacking of a broader awareness and knowledge, let alone brands or companies. Thus, to finally reach consumers on their visceral needs and desires, the strategy should be attention-grabbing at its start

›Therefore for the company to be differentiated from the others, it will have three main tasks, which are:

 1. Educating people about this segment of business (Automated houses)

2. Using this informational approach to attach the brand to it;

3. Affordable prices;

2. Name

›By the name of HOMATION, the impact desired is more than just the perception the name is an abbreviation of Home automation. The idea behind is that the name comes firstly to clarify the concept of Home Automation and secondly as a way to simplify people’s life.
With the purpose of demystifying the concept and attaches the clarification straight to the brand or the usage of the product
So through one of the slogans: HOMATION – the easiest, cheapest and simplest way to bring automation to your home!  the company positions its name as a facilitator to consumers’ lives , the same way as the name was abbreviated, making it all simple.
3. Logo
The purpose of the two colors has a significant meaning along with what the company offers and how it would like to be perceived by consumers.
The Blue color basically symbolizes technology and advance. Some examples can be seen in the current market through the brands HP, IBM, Intel, Panasonic, etc., they all have blue in their Logos. But the color can also be correlated to these following feelings: calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation, to open the flow of communication, to broaden your perspective in learning new information; solitude and peace; which are areas the company intends to work on.
It must be one of the most explored color nowadays, always being linked to nature, ecofriendly issues and sustainability. The Green  color has many important components the company would like to be associated with because besides the highest quality of technological devices, the organization also wants to provide clean or reusable way of using resources.

4. Goal

›By being recognized as the corporation that enlightened the concept and position itself through this explanation, the consumers’ perception towards it may be positive.  In other words, the goal is to use this clarification as a way to promote the brand/company, keeping both as if they were one or at least the one more reliable to offer solution in this field.
As a result, the company has taken a position of an aggressive but progressive way of divulging and promoting its products/services. It means there will be noticeable impacts on consumers in a short term plus a continual campaign to reinforce its importance in a long term.
The short term impacts will be featured by tactics such as the Demonstration Day, Non-Automated Day and the circulation of bill boards and outdoors all over the city center
In regard to the long term strategy, it will be featured by its website and blog info as well as the usage of social medias and TV ads in form of the well-known Infomercials.
4.1. The Jetson’s Approach”
In order to expand people’s awareness towards the concept of Home Automation, the company will adopt the characters THE JETSONS, more specifically George, which is the family man. The allusion is to link George with the target market – man at the age of 35, 40 years.
In contrast, the image of The Flintstones will be screened to represent the partial proportion of people who still have not used the company or have not even adopted the concept of Home automation;
Associate the company and the benefits of applying its products and services with the futuristic life style the characters The Jetsons have. Apart from mentioning technology, the approach will be made in a very amusing and humorous way and it can certainly bring a lot of attention to the company;
Considering that the cartoons The Flintstones and The Jetsons were launched in the 60’s, these ads will probably have an Emotional Appeal on consumers who were in their childhood at that time and it might cause strong and good feeling about these characters;
Hence to illustrate this comparison, there will be many billboards/outdoors distributed throughout the city to reach people’s awareness of the product and at the same time hit them with the contrast Jetsons vs. Flintstones that might make them think of changing behavior towards the concept;
These ads will encompass two categories of consumers the company wants to reach: other companies’ users and new users;
Greater effort on the new consumers, regarding the new trend of Home automation identified in the Target Analysis
Here are some examples of billboards which will be distributed:

4.2  Demonstration Day

›In order to promote and educate people about its offering, a replica of a house will be built and open for public in Aotea Square which has capacity of 20,000 people and is located in middle of Auckland – on one Saturday in November, 2011.

›This is a special day for the company to show its range of products and services. This event intends to be huge and attracts as many consumers as it can.
›This demonstration will be grounded on effectiveness of these offerings. So customers will be able to see the functionality of the products/services  live.
›The questioning will be freely stimulated by the guide (someone who will represent the company and will take action by showing customers what are and how the devices work);
To make the approach more appealing some representation of George Jetson and Fred Flintstone will be the hosts and entertainers, distributing souvenirs such as T-shirts, toys and giving autographs to the public in order to create a positive and good environment to consumers
George and Fred entertaining the crowd
Some examples of souvenirs distributed by the characters
4.3 Non-Automated day
›Based on the purpose of a Guerilla Marketing, which are campaigns with little usage of resources but great impact on consumers attention. On this specific day, the doors at Britomart station will be temporarily replaced by stone doors in allusion to the Stone Age –  like The Flintstones. The idea is to demonstrate how the technology, especially automation, influences our routines. After getting into the station,  people will see a big sign which says:

4.4 Social Medias, blogs, TV ads and other components

›These “tools” will be used in order to inform and explain products/services definition as well as answering any kind of questioning the customers might have and discussions will be stimulated in order to increase consumers interest
›On YouTube and TV ads, videos will be weekly uploaded to expose to customers how efficient and  easy is to manage the  control of their homes using the products.
› An association with the deal-of-the-day websites (such as Groupon) is also a way of promoting and also measuring the company’s effort through a daily analysis of the sales
4.5 Interactivity
Apart from the control inside the house, costumers will be able to control functionalities such as temperature, lighting and other aspects  by distance using their mobiles. Besides, they also are able to learn more about the products and services the company will offer and solicit quotation of those.


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