3 touches – Marketing event, Endomarketing and an ad….

The Marketing Event mentioned on the last post was undoubtedly enriching….

The guest speaker, Brian Van Den Hurk talked about the campaign he helped to develop against depression which based on statistics 5,7% of New Zealand’s populations is diagnosed with and in most cases it is the main reason people commit suicide. According to him, the campaign aimed to have a different approach by using a character which would represent the target public best about this delicate topic that is depression. So for that they choose JK – former All Blacks player – who had actually been through a depression years ago and got over from it. The idea was to establish a connection between a popular icon and the target market. By having a person as a mentor/advisor and not as specialist or authority around the theme, the campaign certainly stood out. These is how Brian and his co-workers divided the phases of the campaign.:

These are other important aspects to make it happen:

– Text messages from JK as reminders and to encourage completion of tasks

– Fully integrated systems

– 50 people on Pre-Research

Results: 71% had significant improvement

To find out more about this fantastic campaign on its website.

The other guest speaker Wendy Rayner, Brand Manager of NZ Lotteries, shared her secrets for career success and it can be summarized by the principles below:

– Find the best collaborations;

– Listen to other’s opinion; have a diversity when deciding.

– Have a strong attitude, be proactive ;

– “Manage” your manager

– Bring out the best in others;

– Achieve your best: EXCELLENCE – FOCUS – DISCIPLINE work together!


Have you ever heard of  Endomarketing? Are you familiar with this term?

Endo, from the Greek “endons” means position or action towards the interior’.

Any clue now? No!?

So clarifying, Endormarketing is the marketing  practices directed to and towards the internal public – employees – in order to promote and provoke on them, a system of values that stimulate the excellent in customer service, the most sought and expected  thing in any manager’s view…

This term can be identified and applied by using Internal Communication, Motivational Campaign,  improving Salary and Benefit practices and others…. all in order to engage and involve staff and create on them a bigger commitment towards the company and consequently CONSUMERS!

Actually, that’s a very interesting topic and since when I was working as a Supervisor, I always wondered how would be possible to inspire people in such a way that they would be completely engaged and committed with the company’s goals and plans. So it took me to find out about this topic. Not satisfied with that, I decided to dig up and  for that reason Endomarketing  became my first degree’s final assignment.94 pages of theory and a study case at the end (with the application and results of this ‘marketing tool’)  . Unfortunately, it is in Portuguese. I hope some of my Portuguese speaking public enjoy that till I get this translated to English (I hope I have enough patience to do it with almost 100 pages!). If your curiosity is beyond your patience, try to use Google translator, it wont be accurate but will provide you a good notion of what is said on this piece of work….

Here’s the Portuguese version of thatENDOMARKETING

Anyway it’s a good theme as I said, it worth looking up and finding out more about it!


To finalize, an outstanding ad from car manufacturer FIAT about its new model launched in Brazil, which was designed based on the ideas of consumers.

The name of the new model is FIAT MIO (Italian for MY FIAT) and the project lasted almost 2 years till the conclusion, it means the release of the car…the results and the explanation of this campaign can be seen in this well done and humorous ad with English subtitles (yes! I found it)

I hope you guys like it!



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