The Google Brand Analysis

For this assignment it was required an analysis of the main reasons for Google being considered one of the most successful cases of our time as opposed to product Brands…

So I hope you really enjoy my report/views around this amazing search engine…….full report, just click on here

32,467 employees; 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the globe; revenues over US$ 37 billion; assets valuation estimated in more than US$70 billion (Google | Investor Relations, 2011) and – even more impressive – with less than 15 years of existence.

This is Google.

A worldwide organization that is certainly featuring as one or the most successful ones within the Era of Technology. What can be considered more extraordinary about Google is that the company is a service organization, which is unlikely to be perceived by consumers for not selling tangible good or product like the companies that are part of this technological field such
as Apple, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, etc.

The simple thought inspired by the idea of providing accessibility to information and content, its business has wisely made an advantageous usage of the word Globalization and the ‘boom’ of the internet, whose access started to become easier and more affordable to people.

From a service brand perspective, Google has undoubtedly been in such an outstanding position, widening its operations as the years go by and hardly any other company seems to be capable of catching up with what Google has turned out to be.

It seems there are no boundaries for Google which has unquestionably reached hegemony in this segment. That is completely noticeable by stating that Google has become so intensely part of our daily tasks with the same intensity of having a meal or brushing teeth before going to sleep.

As Nicholas Carr states in his article “Is Google making us stupid”, our continual interaction with information on the web may be “chipping away our capacity for concentration and contemplation”. (Reeves, 2009)

 But are we actually dependent on this brand or Google have just found a shortcut and became a convenience within our crazy routine context?

Interesting? So carry on! see the full report in here


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