Marketing is all about being authentic!

PEPSICO BEYONCE CANTake these two marketing actions side by side “Beyoncé endorsed by Pepsi” vs “007 Skyfall Coke Zero Challenge” , which one is more effective in your opinion?

You don’t know what they are about? Great! I will explain it to you. The first one is no big deal, a well-known formula of endorsement, where Pepsi will spend loads of money on the image of Beyoncé being exposed among cans of Pepsi. The second one is a more elaborated idea. According to, in preparation for the release of the latest Bond flick, Coke Zero has launched a campaign in partnership with Skyfall asking Coke Zero drinkers to “Unlock The 007 In You.”  In September they kicked it off with a sweet minute-long viral ad featuring the Bond theme and last week they launched an awesome vending-machine adventure that’s racked up over 9 million views and counting.unlock-007

In “Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds.”, Coke Zero challenges unsuspecting train passengers at Antwerp Central station in Belgium to become Bond for 70 seconds.  When they approach the machine to order a Coke Zero they’re offered an exclusive chance to win tickets to see Skyfall.  Upon entering their name, they are given 70 seconds to dash through the train station to Platform 6, faced with a number of hilarious Bond-like obstacles along the way.

As Forbes’ has recently posted on its blog “Consumers are seeking a much greater authenticity in marketing from the brands they love.” 

So why investing an estimated $50 million on ads and a Super Bowl halftime show when this idea had been used at least 15 years ago already??? Pepsi has certainly run out of ideas or it is hiring not many creative and inventive staff at the moment. Coca-Cola has apparently spent way less money than Pepsi did and besides a nice, pleasant and innovative idea its exposure may have been as broad as Pepsi’s.

So Brands, time to wake up! Consumers are not dumb, they are being engaged with a brand that sells water plus sugar and has Beyoncé – a gorgeous, fit and healthy diva as its image? I don’t see it as logic, they are clearly able to see that there’s no identification between her and the brand or what the product is. On the other hand you have basically the same product, but what an amazing customer experience! By giving them the opportunity to play James Bond, even for a single minute! That’s completely remarkable and it will immensely have more impact on consumers. That’s called the AUTHENTICITY we are talking about.

Being a Marketer can be a great career but it all about refreshing ideas and thinking out of the box by doing things that have never been done before. By investing in a successful idea of the past does not guarantee success in the present let alone future! It’s a basic concept but multinational companies seem not to be aware of it!

Diego Romero

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