Several times in life we get impressed by things that really strike us at our visceral level. The Marketing industry sometimes exaggerates in the dose of sexuality, physicality and other things that might seem abusive to a larger audience. The Ad-volution(Evolution of Ads) has seemingly  and repeatedly tried all kinds of ads possible in order to grab people’s attention. But this is not the case.

This particular Ads represents a “quiet” and “inoffensive” portion of our society that has not being able to speak for themselves and most of the minorities have been able to. It talks about CHILD ABUSE.

But how can it send the message across without exposing parents and children under circumstances that could turn the situation even worse? This clever and well-elaborated ad seems to have found the solution. But secretly communicating with their target audience, the ads gets the attention of its exclusive ‘clients’. See images and video below and get the overall idea of it.

This first image is what adults see at the bus stop. Apparently, even though the title outlines Child Abuse,  there is nothing wrong with the child shown on it.









But for the children who see it there a huge difference. They can easily see this child beaten up. But how?










It all comes to the height and views perspective. By being higher than children, adults dont know catch the right angle and so are not able to see the beaten up kid. However it is clear for the kids to see the aggression that kid suffered. The below how this works in practice.

Child Abuse (1)


So the idea was to use the average height of a child and make them able to see the real message this ads intended to show.

How effective this seems to be? Too much controversy? Are future ads going to be that expressive in terms of bringing up a social and serious issue to society?





What’s  your opinion about it? Leave a comment, Don’t forget to have a look at the video.


Diego Romero


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