Who is the blogger?

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Kia Ora!

I am a 28 year-old Brazilian Graduated in Business who went to New Zealand as a English student at a Language School back in 2008. In Brazil I had worked for companies such as Ernst & Young as Intern and Atento – biggest Call Center Company in Latin America – as a Sales Supervisor for a Telecommunication Company called Vivo.

At that time, I had constantly wondered how a company can reach such a status and position that almost 100% of the world’s population is aware of it. For that reason I always had an interest in learning more about this corporate world. Combining two of my dreams, I completed  my specialization in Marketing at Unitec, New Zealand (yes! I was there again).

Now back to Brazil I have returned to work with Digital Marketing – as SMB Manager for ADTZ – and also a MBA student at FGV, and so entirely embarking on this trend which has undoubtedly changed the Marketing perspective for a lot of companies

Once fascinated by this world, I’m now about to get into it completely!

PS: Feel free to contact me through Facebook, Twitter and E-mail (d1r0m3r0@gmail.com)

By Diego Romero


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